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Michael Spanjol, Agent


469-595-3084 cell phone

416 Parkhurst Drive
Dallas TX, 75218

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Michael Spanjol, Agent

Michael’s sociability, independent spirit, and incredible customer service set him apart as a fast up and coming agent in the Dallas Metroplex. He is a Dallas native with strong experience in online advertising and marketing and sales.

Having been a part of a real estate investing group for several years now, his knowledge of creative real estate financing and hands-on home restoration experience makes him a perfect fit for Eric Cantu’s team and as a facilitator for your next real estate transaction. His attention to detail is matched only by his desire to see people happy with the service he provides. Whether a client is in the market for a single-family home or a luxury penthouse, Michael is there to help out. Give him a call, you’ll be glad you did.